Music Lessons

At Home

The convenience of your home makes the lessons usually more informal and relaxing. There are no such problems like: travelling in bad weather, getting stuck in the traffic or waiting for the teacher to complete the former lesson in case the previous student is running late.

In Studio

The students usually take the lessons more seriously when they are in the studio. It is easy to concentrate due to fewer distractions. Parents can leave the kids at the studio for their lesson and get some other work done. The students have access to high quality instruments, Sibelius – music notation and Cubase – sound editing software that can be used in the teaching process.

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Pricing and more

Take a trial lesson! It will give you or your child the opportunity to meet with the instructor one-on-one, get comfortable with our studio, and discuss what you would like accomplish. Our studio is furnished with all the equipment you’ll need to start lessons. After that, you may decide to enroll in lessons, and continue lessons on a monthly or semester basis. You can discontinue lessons at any time with 4 weeks notice.

Lesson costs vary ($56-$80/hour) based on the location of the lesson, driving time, level you are at and the type of enrollment.

We welcome students from ages five and up, and at all levels, from the very beginner to the advanced student.

Most of our students take piano lessons, however we also teach keyboard, guitar and accordion.

We have two recitals per year – one in the June and a Christmas show too! Students are encouraged to perform to showcase their talents and development.