I’m formally educated through the Academy of Music and Dance Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe. I completed a Master’s degree in musical pedagogy (MMus) and have more than 15 years of experience teaching Piano, Music Theory and Harmony. As a member of Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association (ARMTA) I’m participating in seminars and conferences to keep the highest levels of teaching standards. My philosophy is that every student needs an individual approach that best suits his/her musical aspirations and skills in order to achieve their musical goals.


Using the advantage of my background as a musician, I have had the privilege to apprentice and work together with some of the most renowned piano technicians in Europe and Canada for the last 15 years. Having acquired the ‘Piano Tuning and Voicing Masterclass’ Certificate at Feurich Vienna and the acknowledgment as a Concert Piano Tuner and Voicing Expert, I have the privilege to represent Feurich worldwide. As an Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) I participate in seminars and conferences to keep myself updated on the latest news in the piano world. I provide a professional, reliable, and friendly service adapted to the varying needs of my clients. Using my experience as a pianist and piano technician, I have dedicated myself to elevate instruments to their best performing condition.