Audrey Johnson

Piano Teacher“In four decades of piano teaching I have engaged many tuners and technicians to assist me with my instruments. I would like to say that my experience with Plamen at Plam’s Piano has been one of the best. He came to my home, promptly and courteously evaluated my piano, and then got right to work. Three hours later the issues were resolved, and the instrument (and it’s owner!!) were sounding much improved. He is willing to think out of the box, and is a quality piano professional. I recommend him highly and  without reservation.”

Denisa Calcan

Kids Music in Action owner
Group children music programs educator
Piano teacher
“It is worth seeing Plamen working so dedicated and meticulously as the final result is a finely tuned piano to be played with great pleasure.”

Meg Vedoya

Director | Grace Notes Music Academy
Piano teacher
“Plamen has been serving us for a few years now and we’re very pleased with his professionalism and service. He is always willing to walk extra miles for us to get the job done well!”

Jason Melenberg

What sets Plamen apart from other piano tuners in my experience is that he is not only just as talented as the rest, but he truly cares about your piano as much as he’d care for the highest caliber piano. Plamen went out of his way to find replacement parts for my piano and came back a few days later after fixing it just to make sure everything was still perfect. He’s not just getting a job done, he takes pride in doing the job beyond your expectations.

Frank Kaan

We recently commissioned the piano services of Plamen Paskalev. We were extremely impressed with the kind, courteous and detailed service he provided. He was very patient while being proficient and took incredible care with our piano. More importantly, the overall end result was absolutely amazing. We would highly recommend his services to anyone!

Dr Ralph Strother

Plamen was tremendous! He is professional, thoughtful and talented. He communicated well with me and showed up on time. He transformed my piano with his tuning and has brought beautiful music to our home.

 Nicole Ko

Plamen is an incredibly meticulous artist, with a profound technical understanding of the piano. The passion he puts into his work can be felt through out the entire process of having the piano restored, it is clearly visible that he loves the piano in his care as much as you do.

My husband and I had the great fortune to have Plamen agree to work on a century old Nordheimer we had purchased for our family. The damage on the outside of the piano was so severe that the few other individuals who restore pianos in Calgary either would not touch it, or started at  $10,000 just to work on the outside.

Plamen’s price to refinish the outside of the piano was incredibly reasonable. I have to express how intricate and detailed the carvings are on this piano to try to give an accurate depiction of the meticulous work that went into restoring the outside. I was shocked when the piano was completely dismantled and sanded down to bare wood. He managed to sand down every tiny nook and cranny which must have been very time consuming considering there is pleating-type engraving all around the keys.With the sanding came the task of replacing the Nordheimer decal which was nearly identical to the original. (Bravo!) To be honest, the new decal he found is more beautiful than the original.The piano itself had two types of wood, so Plamen told me they may stain differently, but said he would try his best to make them the same. They are identical, his staining of two very different kinds of wood is perfectly uniform. His wealth of knowledge also helped me to pick the stain colour and lacquer finish that would best bring out the magnificent wood grain of the piano. He then told me how to clean it, ordered the best product for cleaning it, and delivered it to my home.I cannot describe how beautiful the work on the outside of the piano is.

There were a couple of missing pieces of wood on the outside as well, and he somehow (with magic is my only explanation) managed to find a piece of wood that was engraved the same way and form it into the broken space seamlessly! There was a chipped key as well, and he somehow found a key almost identical in both colour and shape as the original keys on our piano! This is not an easy task.When I first brought the piano to Plamen (with the help of Manuel of Professional Piano Movers who had recommended Plamen to me), Plamen examined the inside of the piano as well, particularly the sound board which was cracked. He told me there were two ways to mend it, (Plamen has multiple methods of working on a piano that can work within your needs) and I chose fixing it from the inside rather than the outside. Again, the work is flawless. The sound board looks as though it was never cracked. The piano holds its tune.

Plamen also worked on the voicing and the action, but not before showing me exactly what the issues were and why it would be largely beneficial to do so. When he was finished, the range of sound that could be achieved by each key was vast, and the key to hammer contact was immediate. It made a huge difference.After the piano was moved, Plamen came to tune it. He was exceptionally meticulous, taking his time to ensure that everything sounded perfect. The strings are all original except for the strings of one of the base keys. The fact that he is able to tune strings that are over a century old so effectively is a testimony to his attention to detail and level of patience.He also changed the hinges at this stage, which beautiful matched both the new pedals he had replaced, and the decal. When the hinges were slightly bigger than the original causing a bit of catch of the keyboard cover as it folded in, he found a creative and discreet way to overcome that issue.What an incredible experience.

Plamen is patient, humble, incredibly kind, as well as absolutely brilliant. He helps to give options, educate, and reassure along a journey that has the potential to be quite stressful, but really was very easy for us because of his hard work and kind personality. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him to achieve our perfect piano, he truly has gone above and beyond any expectations we could have had. Thank you so much Plamen! We look forward to seeing you again annually to tune our beautifully restored antique piano.