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Welcome to FEURICH

Feurich are an Austro-German firm. The Feurich piano is made by a company that is an amalgamation of two firms: Wendl & Lung and Feurich. It is the ideal match with Wendl & Lung’s dedicated team of young musicians and technical staff whose goal is to produce top quality grand and upright pianos at affordable prices, and Feurich’s experience as top manufacturers for generations. The models that are made in the Ningbo factory in China, are designed by, and under the strict quality control of, European technicians.

Sophisticated design and plenty of innovations – this is what makes FEURICH pianos totally unique. Our production processes are characterised by using only the highest quality, and specially chosen raw materials, as well as utilizing the most precise of CNC machines and assembly methods.

Over 400 retail partners worldwide offer the best in service for your FEURICH piano, including Plam’s Piano in Calgary, AB, Canada. (View Certificate)

Feurich offers an optional fourth pedal on their grand pianos. The Harmonic Pedal is essentially the inverse of a sostenuto: instead of holding up the dampers of notes struck prior to depressing the pedal, it holds up all but those notes. This allows the player to create sympathetic resonance between strings, even while playing staccato.

Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.

The pianos we offer:


As the most compact upright in the FEURICH range of pianos, this instrument is perfect for modern city living, where space is at a premium.


Our prize-winning best seller. With sophisticated technical components and elegant design, this upright overshadows many small grand pianos.


The FEURICH Mod. 125 – Design is a bigger and more technically elaborate version of the best-selling FEURICH 122 – Universal.


Our largest upright, the Mod. 133 – Concert, delivers exceptional bass response and a large sound which out-performs many small grand pianos.


The latest FEURICH innovation is the upright Model 123 – Vienna. A totally new and unique approach to piano design can be seen in key features such as the action, the casing, and the pedal system.


As one of the few examples available today of a small and solidly built grand piano that can deliver a quality and complete bass tonal range.

Grand Piano 179 – Dynamic II

The extended width of this piano allows a wonderful, long-sustaining sound with a rich and full bass tone. Even better than its predecessor, the Model 178.

Grand Piano 218 – Concert I

The unique construction of this semi concert grand piano sets completely new quality and sound standards––designed by Stephen Paulello.